Monday, 18 October 2010

Spice I Am, Surry Hills

Ja (Beansprout's Cafe ) : " I want to try Bodega before I go back to Thailand"
Me : "Okay , sure  !"
Then we decided on a day and time.
In the morning before the the dinner, I received a message from her, "can we go to Spice I Am instead ? I want to eat their crispy pork belly one last time".

So that's how we end up having Thai instead of Spanish tapas for dinner.

I've only been to Spice I Am ones and it was more than 5 years ago :P
All I remembered from it was that we had to queue and the tables were tiny and we have to place our plates on the spare stools.
Of course the restaurant has since been renovated so I thought perhaps they have expanded it and made it more comfortable.
But nope, still the same little tables  LOL

Meng Kuay Teaw

Wrapped inside the kuay teaw (flat rice noodle) was some sliced pork, bean sprouts, carrots and mint leaves. It was a refreshing and light entree served with a green chilli dressing that was quite potent - hot stuff ! 

Red Duck Curry

As recommend by the waitress, we ordered the red duck curry which came in a young coconut "pot".
The duck was tender and I love the slightly bitter Thai eggplants. The curry itself was not too spicy and has a touch of sweetness to it. 
The best part was scraping the young coconut flesh off the walls :) 

Basil Crispy Pork Belly

The dish that Ja had to have before leaving Sydney for good - the pork belly pieces was deep fried till crisp, then stir fried with chilli , Thai holy basil and topped with crispy deep fried basil.
Now I get why she had to have it , it was sooo moorish ! The pork belly was very crispy and the sweet, salty and spicy sauce just made it tasted even better. I also like crunching on the crispy basil leaves.
One problem though, need rice to eat this, otherwise it will be too salty, so we end up eating lots of rice that night *oops*

Prawn with Tamarind Sauce

We needed something mild to balance out the other spicy dishes, so this was what the waitress recommend. The prawns were dipped in light batter and fried, those that got drenched in the tamarind sauce became quite gooey , like agedashi tofu I think !
Compared to the other dishes we had earlier, it didn't have the same "oomph!" factor. It was still delicious though.

After polishing off all 1 entree, 3 mains , a big bowl of rice and a bottle of water (we both can't eat spicy foods lol) between the 2 of us *oink...oink*, we pretty much wobbled our way out of the restaurant.
There was a long queue by the time we finish, so try to get there before 6.30pm for dinner or be prepared to wait for a table. 

BUT !!
There is always space for dessert !!


The dessert at House that need no further introduction ! Believe it or not, Ja has never had this before !
She has heard of it of course and couldn't figure out what the fuss is all about. After all, it's a brioche with pandan ice cream and palm sugar, how good can it be ?
*take a bite*
Ja is now a believer !! Should see the grin on her face LOL

By the time this post is up, Ja is already back in Thailand :(
Wish her all the best on whatever she decides to do and it has only been short time knowing you, but it has been a food filled time :)

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  1. Hahhahah it is so funny and sweet post. Thanks very very much to full fill my wish before I came back. Oh gosh, I got thousand posts to update!

  2. Having dinner at Spice I am and then dessert at House sounds like a good plan! I don't think the food from House is that great :P

  3. Ja : eheheh thanks for introducing me to the pork belly too ! Yes, we need to see more posts from you, quick !

    fluffy : I suppose the dishes at House has a different flavours to what we are used to for Thai cuisine :)

  4. i went there before they renovated the place...then never tried before..
    im a massive fan of thai food..and all ur pics look absolutely beautiful..=)..
    i have to have a dinner "date" with u so i can keep up with all the hot information..lolz
    totally love to be ur foodie partner..


  5. the red duck curry definately looks interesting! love eating fresh coconut flesh. and the pork belly.. yum! thanks for the intro and i'll surely go there and have a try. good luck to Ja as well.

  6. dorothy : it's still the same with new paints and decor. one day we shall have a food "date" lol

    Mel : it is actually, especially with the coconut flesh, you must try the pork belly !