Friday, 15 October 2010

Kit Kat Japan - Weird & Unique

Tadahhh !!

Just when my Japan trip planned for end of the year got cancelled, a friend went in July, then another just returned a few weeks ago, and another one is going in December.
Life can be so cruel sometimes *sob*  I want to go Japan !!! T____T

Funnily enough, the 2 friends that already went, brought me Kit Kat for "souvenirs" hahahahaha.
Nestle Japan is very creative in getting people to keep buying their products, launching seasonal flavours, collaboration with well known cafe or restaurants, or promoting health benefits at times !
Now why don't we have something like that here ? 

Some of the loot I got is part of the Kit Kat Local Flavour series which as I understood it can only be bought in the region where the flavour originated from. It is a common practice in Japan if you travelled out of town, you bring back omiyage (souvenir) for your friends and families. This is a great idea since each area will have their own unique flavour that they are famous for.

Kit Kat of Japan

Here is a map of the Kit Kat Local Flavour Omiyage series (image sourced from Kit Kat Breaktown).
The one I've got from my friends are those marked with a paw :)

But before we start on our Kit Kat tasting frenzy....

Lupicia Cerisier

Tea needs to be brewed to wash down all the sugar. Since it's Spring now, a Cerisier tea from Lupicia would be perfect. Cerisier is a decaf black tea blended with heath flowers and pink rock sugar, lightly scented with cherry blossom & peach flavours. 
Lupicia is a Japanese tea brand with stores in Japan, USA, Taiwan and in Melbourne, Australia.
You can also buy the tea online shop HERE .

Kit Kat Jenga anyone ?

Shall we begin ?

Kyoto, Kansai Region - Itoh Kyuemon Houjicha 

The Uji region in Kyoto is famous for its tea, especially matcha (green tea) and also houjicha (roasted green tea). 
This houjicha Kit Kat is made in collaboration with an long established cafe, Itoh Kyuemon, located in Uji that specializes in tea and sweets made from tea.
It really does tasted like the tea, it has its distinct roasted aroma.

Shizuoka, Kanto Region - Tamaruya Honten Wasabi

Yep, you see it right - wasabi !!! The city of Shizuoka in the foot of Mount Fuji is well renowned for their wasabi. 
Like the previous Kit Kat, this wasabi version is also made in collaboration with Tamaruya Honten, a 135year old establishment in Shizuoka.
As strange as it may sound, this is actually the best one of the lot. There is only the slightest kick from the wasabi right at the end, other than that it just tasted like wasabi, without the heat.

Yokohama, Kanto Region - Strawberry Cheesecake

Yokohama  a well know port in Japan where East meets West, so here we have a Western Strawberry Cheesecake flavour. 
Nothing too special, tasted more like milky strawberry wafers.

Yokohama, Kanto Region - Annin-dofu (Almond Pudding)

Yokohama beside being a port city is also the Chinatown of Japan. What would represent it better than the favourite Chinese dessert of all time, Annin-dofu aka Almond Pudding.
It really does taste like one, it has light almond flavour and milky white chocolate. Love almond pudding :)

Tokyo, Kanto Region - Shoyu

I was so tempted to eat this with the wasabi flavoured one LOL But I thought better not, might be too gross.
Think Tokyo Ramen which is a shoyu based ramen. Shoyu is the flavour of Tokyo, so this is one flavour that represents the capital city.
The flavour ? Hmm...I don't even know what it tasted like, it was non-descript...tasted nothing much but sweet vanilla flavour. 

Kawagoe, Kanto Region - Satsuma Imo

Aka the Japanese Sweet Potato, a popular street snack during winter time, warm piping hot sweet potato...mmmmmm.....
Kawagoe is located in the Saitama prefecture in the Kanto region of Japan, a 30min train ride from Tokyo, famous for its delicious sweet potato.
The sweet potato flavour  was quite distinct, nice !

Hokkaido - Yubari Melon

Melon is a priced fruit in Japan, it is so freaking expensive ! Yubari Melon is one of the expensive one, with standard price ranging from 6000 - 15000 Yen ( AUD $75 - 186) - EACH ! 
These priced melons are grown in Yubari, a small town in Hokkaido, close to the capital city Sapporo.
Since I have never had the real stuff (anyone wants to send me some ?), don't know how similar is the flavour.
It tasted just like a rockmelon to me :P

Tokyo, Kanto Region - Dark Kinako

This is actually part of the series as well, not sure why it's not stamped on the map.
Kinako is a soybean flour, usually used in traditional dessert, tasted like a cross between brown sugar and peanut butter I think.  
The combination of dark chocolate in this Kit Kat balanced out the sweetness of the soybean flour.

Bitter Almond

This flavour is made in collaboration with Esthetique TBC, apparently one of  the most popular beauty salon in Japan. Being a beauty salon, the concept of the collaboration is on calorie control and "healthier" snack options. How healthy and effective it is  ? Who knows LOL
Mind over matter I say, if you think it's good, then it's good hahahahaha !

I suppose if you look at this Kit Kat, dark chocolate is good for you (compared to milk / white chocolate) and almond has good natural oil = healthy chocolate wafer snack.
The other flavour they have launched in collaboration with TBC is yoghurt and aloe vera Kit Kat.
I've had yoghurt & aloe vera from Japan before and it was delicious !! Wonder if the Kit Kat version will be as nice :)

Sakura Matcha

The Spring Kit Kat edition - matcha & sakura (cherry blossom). Isn't the packaging just so pretty ?
The matcha flavour is more dominant here with only a light hint of cherry blossom.
I like this one as well :)

That's it, all the weird Kit Kat flavours from Japan courtesy of my lovely friends :)
Btw, all the local flavour series ones are mini Kit Kats and I tasted it with my cousin, so I didn't not pigged out on KitKat that day LOL




  2. hi dorothy : thanks for stopping by ^_^ yeah, one day we can pig out together perhaps lol

  3. uuhmmm.... so... what does exactly cherry blossom taste like?

  4. I used to try every kit kat flavour available when I lived in Japan. They keep releasing different flavours at a crazy rate! But that goes for all of the snacks over there... One of the strangest kit kat flavour that I've tried was the vegetable juice flavour, not as bad as I would've expected :P

  5. nik : cherry blossom ? lol hard to describe !

    fluffy : waaaa, you lived in Japan b4 ?? luck you !! I think I won't mind the veg juice one, I love drinking the Itoen Veg Juice hehehe

  6. didn't know that there's actually so many different flavours in kitkat.. i wish to go Japan too! :)

  7. what the heckkkkkkk!! its a little kitkat world over there! they even have different flavours in diff regions D: makes our kitkat looks so ugly and boring

    i love the pink packaging for the sakura one :P

  8. Great review. I saw the soy sauce Kit Kat when I was in Tokyo last year and thought it was quite cool that they have different flavours only available in their region - makes for a great gift!

    The tea flavours sound really nice!

  9. mel : only in Japan they got so much flavours, wish they do that here too :(

    sugarpuffi : lol yep, our kitkat is so "traditional" compared to theirs !

    missklicious : oh , did you bought any weird Kit Kat while you are there ?

  10. Whoaaaa, i'm intrigued at the same time drooling reading this post! :D

  11. ngel : i still got the halves in a container, you want ? hehehehe

  12. whuaaa just read your reply. WANTTTT!!! :D :D