Thursday, 20 May 2010

1945, Pyrmont - 2nd Visit

Wine menu signed off by the chef, Natasha Roesli ; 1945 pebbles of different shapes

One cloudy Sunday lunch time I found myself back at 1945 again with a group of friends, simply because someone is craving for some Indonesian food (you know who you are *_^).

We have actually studied the menu weeks before the visit and decided on what we would like to have - da Risjttafels of course !!

As we were seated, one of the waitress & also co-owner (a reader just give me an insider tip LOL), Lenny, remembered me from my last visit !
That was a bit embarassing....LOL

Anywho...while we are waiting for the rest of us to arrive, we ordered some drinks first.

 L - R : Es Lidah Boeaya, Soda Gembira, Teh Boenga Madoe, Roedjak Air, Es Tjintjao

Between the 7 of us, we managed to order almost every type of drinks they have :P
Except for two drinks that unfortunately was sold out :(  There's always next time I suppose !

This time I got the Teh Boenga Madoe, chrysanthemum tea with bush honey lemon, you can have it cold or hot.
I'm glad that the tea is brewed from the chrystanthemum flowers, tasted nothing like the ready to drink tea, it tasted just like what my mom usually make at home :)
Also had a taste at my friend's Es Tjintjao, a grass jelly drink with pandan flavoured fresh milk and palm sugar. It was good, not too sweet at all and the flavour is just right.

Antique irons ; Wayang (Indonesian shadow puppets) ; Dutch aristocrats potraits ; Antique weighing scales

Wall display ; Dining tables set up ; Specials menu board

After what feel like forever, finally all of us are here and we can start ordering, luckily we all know what we want so we can order straight away  ^_^

The menu board frame ; Rijsttafel Set Menu 1

There are 3 types of Rijsttafel set menus, menu 1 is the standard , menu 2 is for vegetarian, and menu 3 is the Grand Rijsttafel to share between 2 people.
With the Grand Rijsttafel you get more dishes and more premium selection such as king prawns, calamari, etc.

Let the pictures do the talking ! ^_^

The Grand Rijsttafel from various angles

The Grand Rijsttafel has 16 different dishes (including soup and desserts for two). It arrives in this huge square wooden tray.  The prawns looked sooo good....

Risjttafel Set Menu 1

The Rijsttafel Set Menu 1 is a set of 10 dishes (including soup and dessert too). It arrives on a huge wooden tray as well, round ones but :)
Since this is my plate, I can comment on the dishes hehehe...
The highlight would be the Sate Babi, pork satay, the meat is tender and well marinated, it was yummm.
The Sambal Goreng Kentang Buntjis was tad too spicy for me but worth the pain, reminds me of what I usually eat back at home.
Smoor Daging, beef chuck stewed in a blend of cinnamon, nutmeg & clove, is another highlight. The meat is so tender that it just flakes of when you fork it.

Sajur Asem ( sweet & sour tamarind soup cooked with ground nuts and vegetables) that comes with the Rijsttafel sets.

First impression that we got when the plates were set down was , "Hmm...there is not much on the plate" LOL
I can just read it on my friends' faces !!

But once we tucked into it...we all agree....don't judge the book by it's cover *nod*nod*
Some of us are starting to struggle to finish what's on our plates...and then when we thought we are done....

Desserts : Boeboer Katjang Hidjao (front) ; Es Tjendol (back)

We forgot we still have desserts !!
Boeboer Katjang Hidjao (mung beans & sago cooked in coconut milk and palm sugar) for the menu set 1, and Es Tjendol (pandan dough with coconut milk and palm sugar ) for the Grand Rijsttafel.

We left with full tummies and satisfied  =^o^=
If you visit 1945 and not sure what to order , the Rijsttafel is the way to go.
You get to have a taste on what the cuisine is all about, the flavours and the various textures.

As we exited the restaurant...look who's out there !

Cute dog !!

Another co-owner of the restaurant pop by to say hello !  Her doggie has just finished the RSPCA Million Paws Walk, noted on the scarf.
The owner has styled its hair into a mohawk as well, how cool is that !!
Took sometime to make it stay still enough so I can take photos \^o^/

Thanks for allowing me to take photos of your dog dear owner :D

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  1. funny that, i was at the RSPCA million paws walk and saw him there too! wonderful post! thanks for sharing...

  2. really wanna go after reading many reviews about this place... but afraid that dunno how to order... the menu seems difficult..hehe

    There are also many places in Pymont I wanna go(not far from my area), lets go together sometimes? :D

  3. Hi Ja ^_^
    Definitely !! Just drop me a line ^_^

  4. allo can i get the address please if you dont mind =)

    Thank you so much ^^

  5. oops, i should start putting addresses on my post :P
    Here it is
    2 / 42 Harris Street
    Pyrmont 2009
    Phone 9660 9699
    Just go down Harris Street towards the water, and it's across from the big NOKIA buidling.
    You can check out their website too :

  6. thank u so much =D