Monday, 10 May 2010

Busy Saturday - Finders Keepers, Sushi Samurai & Lindt Chocolat Cafe

Spent this Saturday morning at the Finders Keepers market at the Eveleigh Carriageworks ( adjacent to the Eveleigh Market that's on every Saturday selling fresh produces).
It's a bi-annual arts & crafst event which aim is to promote our young Aussie designers.
Sooo many amazing designs and unfortunately they come with quite a high price tag too *sob*.

Designer items for sale & some of the artists

Parking is scarce in the Eveleigh area so best to come via public transport or be prepared to park at a fair distance like we did - parked at Sydney University ! 

But...on the upside, we get to see Charlie Chaplin on a street post and the autumn colours on the trees ^_^

Autum leaves and Charlie Chaplin

Then catch up with a friend for dinner near my house, Sushi Samurai @ Pyrmont.
It's the Pyrmont branch of the Sushi Samurai @ Neutral Bay, and the foods are reasonably priced for the portions.

Drinks ; Homemade Sesame Tofu

Everytime I dined here, I always ordered the Honey& Black Vinegar drink , it is meant to be healthy but not quite sure what is the exact health benefit it provides.
I like the drink although so far none of my friends liked it :P
The homemade sesame tofu is quite interesting, it's quite sweet and the texture is more like a panna cotta than that of a tofu, it is very creamy. 
I must say it does taste better with wasabi and dipped in soy sauce, cuts down the sweetness a little bit.

Chirasi-zushi ; Rainbow Roll

There was a lot more rice to the sashimi ratio in Sushi Samurai's chirashi, I think I prefer the one at Kokoroya better - more fishies !
My rainbow roll tasted fresh although some of the avocado has started to brown...hmmm...

Anyways....a dinner is not complete without something sweet !
So we walked across to Cockle Bay to Lindt's Chocolat Cafe there :)

A pot of Mariage Frères Earl Grey Tea

Chocolate Fondant ; Orange Chocolat

I was expecting a flowing chocolate lava when I cut thru the fondant, but nope, it's more like a moist chocolate cake :(
Nonetheless it's still a delicious chocolate cake and the vanilla ice cream it's served with is very good indeed.
My friend ordered the Orange Chocolat ( almond & orange dacquiose macerated with Grand Marnier, milk chocolate mouse and ganache layer on top), I didn't try it but it does look good.

Every Saturday night when I'm at home, I can always hear the fireworks going off at Darling Harbour.
And tonight, it started when I was walking back home from Lindt, bonus !

Fireworks @ Darling Harbour, it's hard to see, but the red ones are heart shaped :)

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