Saturday, 8 May 2010

Barnacle's , Kiama

Two weeks ago I was staying at Kiama for a few days for our annual off-site work meetings.
Kiama is about 2 hours drive south of Sydney and it's a small harbourside town famous for it's Blow Hole.
Unfortunately there was not much activities at the Blow Hole when I was there :(

One of my colleague told me that there is very nice fish & chips shop at the Kiama Harbour.
So on the last day before we drove back to Sydney, we decided to go there for lunch.

Paper wrapped foods - Half Size Fisherman's Basket - Barramundi Battered Fish

The food does take a while to come out, they made it fresh to order and it was the lunch time peak when we got there.
I'm glad we went for the half size Fisherman's Basket....the portion is huge !! All that for only $14.95.
At Barnacle's, you can choose from a variety of fish to have battered and deep fried.
There was Snapper, Barramundi and a couple other fishes that I could not remember.
Like the fisherman's piece of the barramundi probably equals to 1.5 times of what you'd usually get here in the city...I was shocked when I unwrapped the papers....
The fish is fresh, flaky and was very good fish & chips indeed !!

During the 3 nights and 3 days I was there, I managed to take about 600 photos :P
So here are just some to share with you ^_^

Kiama Harbour & one of the 2 Rock Pools in the area

Kiama Lighthouse at dawn

Retro stuffs at the Collins Street Terraces Shops

Basket of fake flowers


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