Friday, 14 May 2010

Menya, Circular Quay

My friend and I went to watch The Australian Ballet's Coppelia @ Sydney Opera House, but before that we had a quick dinner at Menya's Circular Quay branch.

Fellow Japanese food fans would have heard of Menya before. The first one was opened in Haymarket, then CBD near Darling Walk, and then the latest one was at Circular Quay.

I was a bit unsure as I walked down the steps as this Menya branch is located underground. 
You had to go through a glass door that has some other restaurant's name on it, and walk pass a small coffee shop that is closed at night.
I almost walk back out coz I thought I entered the wrong place hehehee..

This location is more quiet (well, they are in a dungeon after all) and more restaurant like. 
In the other Menya locations the orders are placed before you sit down and everything is self service.
Not here though, you sit down first and then the waitress will bring over the menu and some ice water as well.

The menu is a bit different, so it took us longer than expected to decide :P
Menya Box - choice of main (Chicken Katsu 2pcs), Hiyashi Soba, Green Salad, Rice, Miso Soup and Today's Dessert.

My friend ordered the Menya Box, where you choose your main from a selection , then you get all the others with the set. Unfortunately we couldn't stay to have the dessert as we are running super late, I wonder what it was.... ?

You know how when you look at a picture in the menu, and the actual dish comes out exactly the same or at occasion smaller in real life ?
I can tell you...not here.....
I thought I'll be good so I just ordered some salad and entree sized karaage (entree sized okay...).
And this came out....
Agedashi Tofu & Avocado Salad

A BIG plate of salad with 4 pieces of agedashi tofu ! @___@ My friend was laughing when the waitress put down the plate....
How am I gonna finish this on my own ??? It looks small and dainty in the menu !

I got to tackle that plate and this as well
Karaage ( Entree Size)

My entree sized karaage is a plate of 8 chunky pieces @___@
So now 8 pcs of karaage plus huge plate of salad....and I got 20minutes to scoff it all down...

The salad is very good, who knows agedashi tofu and salad can go so well ? And the karaage is juicy and you can taste the ginger it's been marinated in, love gingery karaage ^_^

The meals here are more costly compared to the other 2 branches, but I think you do get for what you pay.
You get more variety of the food, better quality and somehow it tasted better to me and my friend agree as well :)

At lunch time they have a Healthy Set Menu which looks interesting. If only I work near CBD *sigh* 

After the "light" dinner,  I had to run from Loftus Street where the restaurant is, up to the Opera House, and of course our seat is on the Circle level - top of the Opera Theatre T____T

Scrunching my tummy for the first 15minutes of the performance....

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  1. i love menya! best ramen in sydney if u ask me.

  2. me too, used to like Ichiban but now I think Menya's stock tasted better :)
    I'm yet to try Gumshara in Chinatown, heard that is good.

  3. next time you're down at circular quay, try naniwa-tei, it's located next to mariott hotel on pitt st

  4. writing it down as to visit place :) thanks for the tips !