Sunday, 16 May 2010

Patisse, Waterloo

Patisse counter with macaron canvas art 

We felt like something sweet to have after the takoyaki class (put our thinking caps on...hmmmm)...and I remembered Patisse !
Last time I was here I just got a few cakes to take home and has been wanting to come back to dine in.
Patisse is located inside the PYD design centre in Waterloo, and the seating area is in the hall so it does have an open space kind of atmosphere.

Black & White Macaron Tree on the counter - macarons are versatile, can be eaten can be made into a piece of art isn't it ? :D

Surprisingly , it didn't take us long to choose from the selection of cakes on display. Two of them stands out and then decision was made.

Pistachio & Olive Oil Cake ; Orange Creme Brulee

I love my pistachio & olive oil cake, it's nutty and moist, the sour cream layer balance out the sweetness.
My cousin's orange creme brulee was nice as well, the orange flavour is really prominent, the custard is smooth & silky and not too sweet at all.
I think it's safe to say we are happy with our choices :)

A cappuccino to go with the cake..

Our afternoon tea spread

Since macarons are all the hype here now, I have made it my mission to try out all the macarons that crossed my path !
So far , Laduree's Liquorice macaron still sits on the top of my list :)

The girl who was at the counter was very helpful, she explained each of the macaron flavours that they have in the counter that day. She also told us that the cakes are made on the premise by their chefs and feel free to ask her if I have any questions about their products. Love friendly cafes ^_^

Violet & Caramel Fleur de Sel Macaron

I limited myself to choosing only two since we are quite full by now.
On first examination, the shell has a matt appearance , not glossy as expected. This is probably the 3rd place I've seen in Sydney that has a matt shells.
Upon biting into it, it tasted more floury, so perhaps these matt shells are made with a higher almond meal ratio to the meringue ? Perhaps I should make this one of my work project LOL

On to the flavours, the Violet tasted like violet flowers, they are too floral for me, but then again, I'm not a fan of anything tasting floral (feels like I'm eating potpourri).
My cousin on the other hand loves floral flavours, and she liked the violet. So go with her verdict, violet good :)
The Caramel Fleur de Sel macaron is sandwich with caramel fleur de sel buttercream. The combination of the sweet and saltiness is just right, yumm....

It was a lovely afternoon tea in a nice cafe with friendly and helpful staffs, I'm content ^_^

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  1. yes, the violet is nice.. go with my verdict :P

  2. a macaron tree! oh how i want! and the caramel fleur de sel macaron sounds delish!