Sunday, 2 May 2010

Rosebud, Rozelle

On a sunny Sunday morning on the way to Essential Ingredients in Balmain, a quick detour to fill our fuel tanks first :)

Was planning to go to Adriano Zumbo's Cafe Chocolat, but decided to try out Rosebud in Rozelle that we have passed oh so many times.

Specials of the day on the blackboard & breakfast menu clipboard

We were seated straight away by the window, which was perfect as not long after they opened them up to let fresh breeze in.

House "rosebud" coffee blend, especially created for them by the Single Origin people.

Straight away our coffee orders were taken and we were left to study the menu.
The menu appears to have Middle Eastern influences yet still Western at the same time.
You'll find haloumi, dukkah spiced dishes along with french toasts and big breakfasts.

I ordered the Egyptian Tea as well eventhough I've already ordered a coffee :P

Egyptian Tea - black rose tea with fresh mint & sugar (sweet tea)

Foods arrived not too long after....and don't they look good ??

            L : Pumpkin & Corn Fritters w/ Sauteed Spinach, Feta & Tomato Chutney
R :  Green Eggs & Ham served on White Rustic Bread (Special Menu)

I love my pumpkin & corn fritters, they are sweet and creamy. The feta actually tasted like haloumi , it's slightly chewy but still crumbly.
The green eggs are 2 perfectly poached eggs with pesto sauce, served with some wilted spinach, ham and toasts.

I think I've just found another brunch place worth more frequent visit :)

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  2. hope this blog will last longer hehehe :P