Thursday, 6 May 2010

Kokoroya, Maroubra

This place has been opened for a while now and from what I read / heard, it does have mixed reviews.
So, when we are choosing a place to have a farewell lunch for one of colleague, this is my chance !

Kokoroya is a kids friendly restaurant, they have a small play pen for them to keep them occupied while the adults are dining.
It even has a rear mirror so you can always keep a close eye on them :)

As you are seated, you are given a small buzzer that you press when you are ready to order or when you need their attention. Great idea !

As like any other Japanese restaurants, they do have reasonably priced lunch set menus.
Some of us ordered from the A La Carte menu and some from the lunch specials.
I didn't manage to take photos of everyone's meal but :P

                            1. Calpis water
                              2. Dragon Roll aka the soft shell crab roll
                              3. Chirashi Don - with generous amount of sashimi to my surprise !
                             4. Ten-don Set (Lunch Special) served with agedashi tofu and miso soup.

My chirashi don is delicious ! The sashimi are fresh and I'm not complaining with the amount they put in the bowl. 

There is just a right amount of sushi rice underneath it , not too much not too little.
I believe they use fresh wasabi as well, which is a nice change to the tube or powder wasabi.

Join their e-club from their website and they will send you emails when they have special menu and free gifts day ( the next one is on this weekend 7th & 8th May to celebrate their 1st Year Anniversary).

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