Thursday, 27 May 2010

Vivid Sydney 2010 & Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe, Circular Quay

It's time for another Vivid Sydney festival !! Yippee \^o^/

We have some overseas colleagues visiting this week for some meetings so it's good timing that Vivid Sydney starts today.
Initial plan was to go with just a colleague from Japan but then the others caught wind of our small night tour LOL
So off I go playing tour guide for our visitors ^_^

We arrived at the Opera House right at the moment the light was switched on !
It was packed with people so we had a quick bite at Guylian cafe first to avoid the crowd.

We had some savoury meals first, but didn't whip out my camera since I'm not sure what will my colleagues think of me taking photos of their food...ehehhee....

But when the desserts arrived....well...that's a different story LOL
Big camera - OUT !!

Opera Evolve

Another lesson learned, do not always assume the website will have the most current menu -___-
I cannot remember exactly what is Opera Evolve (and this is only a few hours ago...getting old...arrgh!).
I think it was coffee sponge, coffee buttercream and raspberry sauce in the pipette.
You squeeze the sauce into the cake, so you end up with a raspberry centred opera. It is an evolved opera indeed....more interactive !
Obviously I chose this cake because there is a pipette stabbed into the cake....ehehehhee..

100% Pure Pleasure

It's Belgian chocolate & Guylian praline enriched with coffee sponge and pannacotta.
I didn't get to try this, but from previous visits, I remembered it being quite good.

My colleagues ordered milk hot chocolate, dark hot chocolate and iced chocolate for the drinks.
So by the end they were on chocolate coma LOL
We had these 2 desserts between the 4 of us and we couldn't finish it.

By the time we finished dinner, most of the crowd have left, so no need to squeeze around to take some photos :)

Please excuse the blurry photos, that is as stable as my hands can be on a cold night *_^
Definitely have to go around to see all the light projections again, armed with a tripod.

The Sydney Opera House - as it is usually

Sydney Opera House - 1st Projection Pattern

Sydney Opera House - 2nd Projection Pattern

Then it gets too cold so it's time to go home...

We saw all the light projections and the arc as we drive along Macquarie Street, and then a quick stop by the St.Mary's Cathedral.

St.Mary's Cathedral Light Projection

The projection here is very pretty , just took a quick snap since I have parked illegally on the street :P
I shall be back !!

But not before picking up the free mini torch and Vivid Sydney 2010 guides ^_^
The mini torch is dual powered - by battery or man powered.

Vivid Sydney Mini Torch - Battery Mode

Vivid Sydney Mini Torch - Man Powered 

How do you work it ? Just like you would a stress ball, squeeze release squeeze release.
Will probably end up with a cramped hand by the end of the night...ehehehehe....


  1. I was driving past the cathedral wondering what the heck all the people were milling about the street for, then I realised everything was alight! Those Guylian desserts look delectable...

    Emma - TheFoodRookie

  2. I look forward to getting out and checking out this years Vivid. All I've seen is the twisted tube tunnel over Macquarie St near Hyde Park. Amazing

  3. emma : yep, and have to watch out for people as we drive :) The desserts were delicious !

    john : you should check it John, it is worth getting frozen in cold winter nights LOL I caught a cold while photo hunting at last year's Vivid, worth it :D

  4. wow the opera evolve looks awesome! esp with the pipette in the middle. gonna try that out sometime!

  5. sugarpuffi : food with pipettes are fun ! do try it when you are there :D