Friday, 14 May 2010

Counter Burger, Crows Nest

It has been a while since we dined at Counter Burger. So on one freezing May night off we go to satisfy our cravings for some burgers :)

The "Fifty - Fifty" Sweet Potato Fries & Onion Rings with 3 Dips

It has become the must order item every time we are here, whether we are hungry or not so hungry.
They seem to be more generous this time round, the portion size seems bigger to me - GOOD !

The service seems to have improved some what, the food actually come out pretty quickly, usually it takes quite a while.

Mine !

My DIY burger today is 150g Beef Burger (med rare), Beetroot, Jalapenos, Mixed Greens, Grilled Pineapple, Colby Cheese on Wholemeal Buns + Horseradish Mayo.

Friend's Bunless Burger

And for those more health conscious, you can always opted for a bun-less version, served on a bed of greens.

It was not too packed the night we were there, I hope this doesn't mean business is slowing down for them and they'll end up closing like other businesses nowadays :(
Where can I get my burger fix then ??
Stay open please !!

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  1. i love the snickers shake at counter! hey dude whats your email? im organising a sydney food bloggers meetup can ya email me susanATchocolatesuzeDOTcom

  2. You know...I've never had their shakes before , was always too full to fit anything else in hehehe...shall give it a try next time round !
    I've drop you an email ^_*

  3. The Shakes Were Pretty average....
    The Service was great...just ashame about the condition of the menus, they also always seemed to be under staffed.