Saturday, 22 May 2010

Bangbang Espresso Bar, Surry Hills

Before an afternoon of boots hunting with the girls, we thought we'd had lunch at Bangbang in Surry Hills.
A quick trivia on the owner, Alan Thompson, he is actualy a DJ !! Famous for his work on Ministry of Sounds Housexy and Clubbers Guide compilations.
He has relocated from the UK to Australia and decided to open up this little cafe on Reservoir Street in Surry Hills.

When we decided to go here, I had my mind set on ordering the Wagyu Burger after reading  A Table For Two's review on this place.
Alas...they don't serve the usual lunch menu on weekends T_____T
Bye - bye wagyu burger *sob*

Lucky people who got a table ^_^

It was packed when we got there,  we were given stools to sit on while we waited and our coffee orders were taken.
Thankfully we didn't have to wait too long at all for a table *phew* because our tummies are grumbling *grumble grumble*

I want that water bottle !!   ;  Campos Coffee & Bangbang's Breakfast Menu

There are a couple of interesting dish on the menu, like Welsh Rarebit. I was gonna go for that ( seen it before on British food channels) , but changed my mind since I'm hungry and cannot risk being adventurous and end up not enjoying it :P

Sweet Corn Fritters ; Bangbang Breakfast Stack

I ordered the sweet corn fritters that comes with 2 poached eggs and 2 rashers of crispy pancetta, added a side of haloumi as well. It was supposed to be served with some maple syrup but I think they have forgotten :P
Thankfully there are tomato sauce bottles on the table, so that will do !
The corn fritters are super good and the eggs are poached perfectly, the pancetta adds some fat and saltiness to the dish - perfect ! Although the missing maple syrup would have made it better I think ( like french toast with bacon and maple syrup...mmmmmm ).

My friend's Bangbang Breakfast Stack looked delicious. It's a stack of potato rosti, 2 poached eggs, crispy pancetta, wilted spinach and topped with hollandaise sauce. She also got extra haloumi on the side.

Reflections on the wall ; Cute little red chairs & cool stool ; Kitty mirror at the bottom 

Barista in action ; Bangbang Banana Bread

DJ Alan Thompson himself was manning the cashier when we got up to pay.
And he has kindly allowed me to take a shot of the various loaf of homemade breads on the counter top, thanks :D

The cafe is packed with locals and I hope I'll get a chance to try out their weekday lunch menu one day !
Bangbang Espresso Bar is now open on Sundays as well.

Neighbourhood houses

Walking back to our car, we walked pass a few cool looking houses around the neighbourhood. Sadly, the rubbish bins are ruining the view -____-

After a few hours of failed boots hunting for me, dropped by Simon Johnson's in Pyrmont on the way home.

Was just gonna get a jar of strawberry jam but ended up taking home a box of Mariage Freres's Ceylan Orange Pekoe as well.  I'm such a sucker for pretty packaging :P
I know they are just tea bags, but hey...they are muslin cloths tea bags. How can you say no to that ?!?

Fancy Mariage Freres Ceylan Orange Pekoe tea bags (muslin cloths !)

Bangbang Espresso Bar and Cafe on Urbanspoon

Simon Johnson (Pyrmont)
181 Harris Street
Pyrmont, NSW 2009
Phone : (02) 9552 2522

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