Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Yummy Tummy Koalas

Top Taste's Yummy Tummy Koalas Trio standing up straight and proud !

One of the good thing working in a R&D department in a food ingredients company is that we are expected to go and find out what's new in the market. Which means, buying and tasting them in the name of research hohoho...

So today, while accompanying a friend who needs to do groceries at the supermarket, I spotted these Yummy Tummy Koalas near the fresh bread section.
Who can resist approaching a section full of these koalas ?!?!

The Yummy Tummy Koalas comes in 3 flavour variations : Chocolate Mud Cake, White Chocolate Mud Cake and Caramel Mud Cake.
They are individually packed (there are 8 koala pieces in a box) suitable to be packed into kids lunch box as snacks, or for us that just like to eat ^_^

Lying down on their sides from eating too much...koalas cakes ? LOL

The packaging is quite smart, brightly coloured, cute koalas and "informative" as you can see below


Cath, Kevin and Bruce's vital informations and virtual view. They are roughly 6cm tall and 22.5g heavy.

Proudly Oz made complete with flip flops 

Individually packed koalas

The verdict ? Surprisingly, they are quite yummy for a pre-packed, long shelf life cakes. Usually these kind of cakes taste ...well....fake :P
They are moist, chocolatey (well, they are half dipped in chocolate) and they don't taste too fake.
After eating all 3 (in the name of research) I'd say the white chocolate is the best tasting one.
I was expecting it to be the sweetest amongst the 3, as white chocolate stuffs tends to be sweeter in general, but surprisingly it's not.

And that's not all !!!!
When we almost *ehem* empty the boxes, I found a sheet of sticker inside !!
I was pretty much showing it to everyone in the office when I found it...they are clothes stickers for the koalas.
So not only they taste good , you can also play with the empty box \^o^/
They are proudly propped on my desk now.

    Cath playing netball and holding a basket of berries (?)
    Bruce is ready to snow board complete with goggles and a timer in hand.
    Kevin is off to play cricket after taking a bite of granny smith apple.

So people, go get the Yummy Tummy Koalas now at your supermarket !


  1. did you try them ? cie ony got some yesterday..

  2. cecehhhhh akuh mauu donggggg..... packagingnya ajah.... so, after you eat them... don't throw them away but throw them to me... hehehehe...

    aduhhhh lucuuu banget pack nyaaa...... gyaaa gyaaaa >.<

  3. oops ! just chucked out the boxes yesterday >__<;

    shall get some more for you....

  4. yahhh. babai boxes... hahahaha...
    ya gpp sih, this pics are inaf :D

  5. i love it!! the chocolate mud cake is the best =)

  6. They're yummy! Ive only tried the choc ones. Did yours have a 'filling' in the middle? Mine didn't but I'm pretty sure they're supposed to heres what I put about them

  7. MMBB : They are addictive ! Should try the white chocolate ones, I think they are the best amongst the 3 :)
    You know that you mention it, I don't remember seeing or tasting the filling in the choc or caramel ones, perhaps they have blend in LOL

  8. my kids love these!! and woolies dont stock them! so guess where I am shopping!!

  9. How do we get to try these in Canada?
    my mouth is watering! They're Genious!

  10. hmm, not quite sure if you can get them in Canada :)

  11. hello, I am from malaysia and i had yummy tummy when i was visiting aussie, i sooooo miss them, thanks for the awesome introduction about them, my frens wont believe me that there are real cake tasting pre-pack cakes! Now i can show them your blog.

  12. none : unfortunately they are not easy to find anymore :( haven't seen them in the supermarket for a while now....