Friday, 21 May 2010

Australia's Biggest Morning Tea @ Work

It's time for another Australia's Biggest Morning Tea at work.
For those that has never heard of it, it's an annual fund raising event to raise some money for the Australia's Cancer Foundation. You can hold the morning tea anytime during the month of May, at home with friends and families, or at work as we usually do every year :)

So, it's time for me to bake \^o^/
It has been a while since I last bake, 2 months hiatus I think ?

Decided to try out the Blueberry Tea Cake recipe from John Baricelli's The SoNo Baking Company Cookbook.
It is full of yummy looking recipes and they seems quite simple.
Let's see if it really does taste as good as it looks in the book, shall we ?

Tea cake cooling : Lemon icing : Iced blueberry tea cake

Spidey at work - shedding some light on the cake for photos

Meet Spidey - a desk lamp that used to be my 3yrs old nephew's (well...for a few days at least).
My auntie gave it to him, but I keep looking at it every day, and just have to have it !
So I asked him (fine, I asked his mom) whether I can have it, since it won't be much use to him at this stage anyway, right ?
That is the story how Spidey with basketball in hand is mine now...hohohohoo ^o^

This is what the inside of the cake looks like :

Tadaaah !!!

As with any other US cake recipes, I reduced the sugar by a quarter or sometimes half from the recipe. They tend to be much sweeter than what we are used to here.
The cake is really moist, not too sweet,  and the lemon zest adds extra zing to it. Not to mention it is really easy to make, fail proof I'd say.
So it is proven ! It tasted as good as it looked in the book !

A collage of morning tea goodies

As with previous years, we over catered again for the morning tea. All of those foods and there were no more than 20 of us in the office today.
So by 11.00am, I think we are in sugar induced coma....LOL

So people, there is still time to hold the morning tea to raise some money for the Cancer Foundation ^_^


  1. '_' pindah tangan si spidey. hahahahaahha.....
    is it really that useful for taking pictures?

  2. cella - yep, sugar overload....

    leen - ohohohoho...yeah he is mine now :P Not too bad, quite useful...