Friday, 4 June 2010

Bar Zini, Pyrmont

I love rain, but this is getting too much !! Three weeks of non stop rain in Sydney is not so fun as I thought it would be -___-;

We were gonna try out Cafe Sopra's new branch at Walsh Bay, but because the traffic is so horrible, we decided to just eat somewhere around my house.
We went to Fat Noodle at Star City, but oh my goodness ! On my previous visits there, we never have to wait, then again, we always went there after 9pm LOL
The line was ridiculously long , so we end up at Bar Zini :D

Bar Zini is located along Harris Street in Pyrmont, very near to where I live.
Once in a while, I'd grab my coffee here on the way to work (when I'm not running late :P), they make great coffee !!
I've been wanting to try out their dinner, but it's either they are closed or the others don't feel like Italian :P
But tonight is the night !!

Bar Zini Menu ; Counter

The little restaurant was full when we got there, since the rain has stopped, we didn't mind being seated outside.
And of course, few minutes later the rain decided to pour again 0_o
Luckily a table was vacated right when we decided to leave, so we ran into the restaurant *saved*

The menu itself is limited to bar foods and a lot of drinks selection. Their main meals seems to change daily depending on what's fresh on the day.
Tonight, there are selection of one pizza, 2 pastas and one meat dish.

So here is what we ordered :

Pizza - Prawn, Chorizo & Garlic

The pizza arrived on a wooden board and it looked great ! The pizza base is thin but still have slight chewiness to it, it is very good :)

Italian Meatball

I didn't try the meatball, but my friend says it was delicious. There are 6 meatballs in tomato based sauce, it would be great if they serve some bread with it to mop up the sauce :)

Fettuccine with Blue Swimmer Crab & Garlic

The smell of this dish makes your mouth water *drool*....the fettuccine is obviously made fresh, and there are chunks of crabs in it !
The sauce is very simple , olive oil, chili, garlic and something tangy, lemon juice perhaps ?
I really enjoyed this this, eventhough it was too salty for me, doesn't stop me from polishing it off though.


Dolci - Chocolate Tart w/ Vanilla Ice Cream

There were 3 desserts option that night, ricotta tart, chocolate tart and tiramisu.
The pastry is perhaps a little too thin, it's not as buttery and crumbly as I was expecting. The chocolate filling was good though :)

I went there for breakfast on a Saturday about a month ago (before I start blogging hehehe :P), so rather than creating a separate post for it, here it is :

Bruschetta w/ Ratatouille & Melted Provolene Cheese ;  Eggs Cocotte w/ Wilted Spinach

Bar Zini offers simple but delicious Italian foods and they are reasonably priced.
With the menu created based on what's fresh on the day, what will you get to order on your visit ? ^_^

Bar Zini on Urbanspoon

Breakfast & lunch on Mon - Fri 7am - 3pm ; Sat 9am - 3pm
Dinner Wed - Fri only 6pm - 10pm  


  1. I walked past this place last weekend and loved it's cosy decor. The food sounds good and that chocolate tart is a stunner!

  2. That fettucine looks so creamy and delicious, and yummm crab meat

  3. john : it is a tiny restaurant but welcoming ^_^ should try it out when you pass by next time.

    missklicious : it does look creamy but it's not at all, quit refreshing actually, there is a slight tang to it :)

  4. now still not sure where it is but really wanna eat pizza and their breakfast :)

  5. Ja : You won't get lost in Pyrmont LOL Just stroll down Harris Street towards the water and you'll find Bar Zini ^_^ Or just ring me hehehehe

  6. As you said, the menu was limited. But what they lack, they made up in taste and quality. I will post the picture asap.