Saturday, 26 June 2010

Sushi-e ~ Merivale Feast for The Senses, Sydney CBD

Tonight our Feast of The Senses destination is Sushi - e @ Establishment.
Heard so much rave review about this japanese eatery so this is a great opportunity to see if it is really that good.


Sushi-e is located on the same level as the Hemmesphere lounge, pretty much side by side.
Although we made the booking for Sushi-e, we were seated in the Hemmesphere area on the plush sofas.
Good and bad about that : we got to dine sitting on comfy sofas but the lighting is much darker than in Sushi-e T___T

Hemmesphere Chandeliers

I've just got my hand on the Canon S90, apparently it's the best compact digicam to take photos in very low light condition, so tonight I left my jumbo camera at home and just bring this more compact one.
Although it does take better pictures in low light than my previous compact , still found it quite grainy.
Another leason learned....jumbo camera still the best at places with romantic lighting :P
Not quite discreet but takes less grainy shots.

Knowing that the portions will be small here, I opted for the 3 course options while the others stay with the 2 courses.

Complimentary Miso Soup

The miso soup is a tad different, it doesn't have a strong miso taste, and they used mitsuba (Japanese wild parsley) and abura-age (deep fried thin slices of tofu). I thought I tasted sansho (Japanese szechuan pepper) as well, could be wrong...but the smell is quite similar.

This time round, we managed to order everything on the entree options :

Soba Noodles with Roast Chicken Salad

My friend who couldn't eat raw fishes had this. It looked just like any normal soba chicken salad to me, not sure what it tasted like.

New Style Salmon Sashimi w/ Ponzu Dressing

I had a suspicion earlier that the "new style" would be similar to carpaccio, and I was correct :D
The sashimi is fresh and silky and the ponzu dressing is amazing !!
I was drowning each slice of the sashimi with the dressing to lap it all up.....I want more !

Spicy Scallop Sashimi Salad w/ Thai Style Dressing

Reading my friend's reaction after eating this, I think this was the winner of the 3 entrees.
The scallop was sweet and fresh, the dressing works really well with the raw scallop.
She was eating this oh so very slowly to savour each bite...LOL

Since I'm the only one who had an extra course, they serve it in between.
So I have to scoff it down very quickly since I know they won't bring out the other courses until I polish off my plate ( my friends are telling me to eat QUICK as they cannot wait any longer to get their mains LOL)

Hemmesphere Roll  Establishment Roll

I ordered the Hemmesphere Roll (salmon, avocado, baby capers, mixed cress, jalapeno mayo & spanish onions ) from the special menu. 
I don't know how I end up with an Establishment Roll ! 0_o 
As I was eating it, it did tasted wrong, but I never crossed my mind that they could possibly gave me the wrong one.
It's not until I got home and check the menu online that I know why it tasted odd.

My guess is that the girl who took our order key in the wrong thing as she didn't even write down what we ordered.
I'm surprised that a fine establishment like this could get orders wrong.
So not only I didn't get what I ordered, the roll itself was quite dissapointing. It's just like any other tuna, avocado, cucumber and mayo roll, nothing special. To make it worse, the rice was bland and mushy, soo wronggg !

Thankfully, after the very disappointing sushi roll, the mains made up for it.

Angus Striploin w/ Miso & Sesame

The beef was very tender and juicy, perfectly matched with the miso sesame dressing. 
It was cooked perfectly, still a little bit pink in the middle :)

Grilled Miso Cod w/ Baby Ginger Root Pickled Daikon

The cod was soft and creamy as I expected, it was delicious !!
Missing the baby ginger root though, and it was replaced with some pickled daikon on the side.

Complimentary White Russian

It's a small tall glass of vanilla pannacotta topped with raspberry coulis. It has more of a thickened cream consistency than a pannacotta, but nonetheless it was very good and a perfect end to a lovely dinner (minus the sushi roll :P)

Hemmesphere Lounge Area

Feast for The Senses window display @ Establishment

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