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Mad Cow, Sydney CBD - Merivale Feast For The Senses

Mad Cow's Feast For The Senses Menu

This week's Merivale Feast For The Senses destination is....Mad Cow !!!
Time for some meat...mwahahaahahha ^o^

Steak Knife & Fork ; Wine Menu - Hi Cow !

I didn't took notice of the steak knife the last time I was here, has it always been oddly shaped like this ?
It's curved on the top and smooth..wonder if it serve a function ?

Almost everything here is white, with bits of yellow and green here and there :)

I love the decor here, only 3 basic colours are seen throughout the restaurant - white, green and yellow. White chairs and tables, green plants, and even the tulips on the tables are yellow tulips :)
The lighting however is very dim and cosy, perfect for romantic dinners but horror for those who loves to take photos of food T___T
We were seated in a much brighter table than my last visit, but a very steady hand is still required. 
I wish I could dine here during lunch time, then there will be no issue whatsoever with lighting !

Sourdough and Soy & Linseed

I's another bread shot...but the breads was fresh out of the oven, nothing beats warm fresh bread with cold butter...mmmmm....

Duck & Shiitake Mushroom Consomme with Spicy Duck Dumplings

The waitress did warn us that the serving of this dumpling entree is tiny - 2 dumpling tiny LOL
I didn't get to try it because I didn't want to deprave my friend, but the smell of the shiitake is intoxicating...hmmmm....

Grilled White Scallops w/ Salad of Coriander, Black Fungi, Bean Shoot, Ginger Black Bean Vinaigrette

The rest of us chose the scallops for our entree, and this was delicious ! 
The scallops is perfectly cooked, sweet and still slightly pink in the middle. The accompanying salad is the highlight , it is tangy and fresh and has a Vietnamese feel to it with the fish sauce and the other herbs. I wouldn't mind just having a bigger portion of this salad as is :)

Not too long after, we saw our waitress walking towards us with our steaks and we were ready with our knives and forks !
But lo and behold !!! A customer decided to take off his coat without looking behind him, so you can guess what happens next .... .CRASH !!!! Followed by the awkward silence....
To our of the 3 steak plates that the waitress was holding fell onto the floor with a loud crash  T____T
Since they can't serve the 2 "saved" plates to our table, they have to take it all back in and re-do the whole thing again - we were grieving for the wasted steak and our rumbling tummy....
Next time people...please be aware of your surrounding before you decide to take off your jacket so recklessly...grrrrrr.....

The maître d' was apologetic and advised us that our steaks will be out shortly and we definitely did not have to wait too long for it *thank goodness*

Black Angus Minute of Fillet Steak, 200g, Diane Sauce

I'm not having much luck with meat photos tonight , obviously my hand is not steady enough for the low lighting LOL
There are 2 slices of the fillet steak in this dish , not sure how it tasted but it looks good :)

Rangers Valley Wagyu Flank Steak w/ Barbeque Sauce ( $5 Supplement)

There is a $5 supplement charge for the wagyu steak, and like my first visit's reaction on Mad Cow's steaks - is that all ?!?  LOL
It is just a little rectangular piece of meat, but it surprisingly fills you up by the end of the meal. Any bigger than that and we probably won't be able to finish it. The wagyu flank is cooked medium as recommended to allow best flavour release. It is juicy still, however I still prefer my steak to be medium rare, it is a bit too cooked for my liking.

With the standar a la carte steak dishes, they come with 2 sides of your choice to share with the table.
The Feast For The Senses steak dishes however doesn't come with any sides.
So the maître d' did suggested to us in the beginning that perhaps we should order a couple of sides for the table. 

Rosemary Garlic Fried Potato (Large)

Had this before and it was good so we ordered it again. We got the larger portion as there were 5 of us dining tonight.
The smell of rosemary & garlic is wafting from the crispy skinned and fluffy chat potatoes. Loving it :D

Creamed Spinach

The creamed spinach is lovely too, the spinach is silky and not too creamy at all. 
Come to think of it...I think this is the first time I've ever had creamed spinach o_O
Wonder why....

Once again, a satisfying dinner at Mad Cow, the same friendly service and meat craving is satisfied, not to mention the pretty dining area too :D

View into The Ivy from Mad Cow

After we said goodbyes to the others, and as my friend was driving me home...both of us thought...something is missing....
We were actually quite full when we left MadCow, but 15minutes later we (I) was craving for sweets !!
(Told you I love my foods and sugar ! Hehehehee)

Was tossing around where to go for a quick dessert, some frozen yoghurt at Wow Cow perhaps ? Or drown ourself in chocolate at Max Brenner ? Hmm...tough choice....

Fratelli Fresh

But we found ourselves back at Cafe Sopra on Walsh Bay again !
I have been reading a lot on others blog that Cafe Sopra forbids photos of their food or their cafe for that matter to be taken. So I was very cautious and brace myself to be told off tonight  >__<
I was not aware of this "rule" when I was here last and was happily snapping away that time - I was lucky that I didn't get told off *pheww*

Who knows, these might be the last photos on Cafe Sopra on this blog :P

Chocolate Walnut Tart ; Buttermilk Pudding with Fresh Berries

The way the menu was written on the menu board (read : cramped), this is how I read it : Chocolate Walnut Tart with Sharpes Strawberries, Custard & Cream.
So you can imagine how disappointed I was when what came is a big plate with a slice of Chocolate Walnut Tart  -___-
I was laughing and crying on the inside.... LOL
There is an abundance of walnut in this tart and the chocolate creme was nice as well, although I think it is a bit dear to pay $14.50 for a slice of tart with nothing else, at least put something on the side, cream, ice cream or fruits or whatever, it was a bit lonely on the plate on its own...
I should have just ordered the Buttermilk Pudding like my friend did - there is more on the plate for the same price.
Oh well...I know better next time to read the menu carefully !

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