Monday, 7 June 2010

Nakashima, The Rocks & Vivid Sydney 2010 - Macquarie Visions

After a few weeks of non-stop rain in Sydney, finally the rain has stopped ! Quickly took up this opportunity to gather the others for a night of Vivid Sydney photo hunting :)
Of course we need to make sure we have enough fuel to survive the freezing night and as we found out later, very long walk -___-;

A friend suggested we go to Nakashima since it has been a while since we dined here, probably more than 6 months ago for me.

Wall Decal ; Complimentary 1st Drinks

They offer complimentary 1st drink offer if you arrive between 6:00 - 7:00pm, so free drinks for us tonite, yay !

Wafuu Karaage

Or the so called deep fried chicken with vinegar sauce as listed on the menu :) It's not as nice as I remember it, the chicken pieces were quite dry and quite chewy. Used to be quite plump and juicy, I was sooo looking forward to it :(
Should have gone for their Teriyaki Fish or Teriyaki Octopus that never fails.

Teriyaki Beef

The others who ordered this dish was disappointed as well tonight. They used to use thick slices of beef, but now they use thinly sliced beef , like those usually used for shabu - shabu.

Teriyaki Chicken

Thankfully one dish still tasted the same, the Teriyaki Chicken apparently tasted as good as it should be.
At least some of us left satisfied tonite....

We started our Vivid Sydney - Macquarie Visions photo tour from St.Mary's Cathedral and the last stop was Opera House.
Since the light projections runs along Macquarie Street and parking is not easy, we parked our car at St.Mary's and walk all the way to Opera House, and then back again to the cathedral (that is way too much walking for me LOL).
How long were we out there in the freezing winter night ?
We start our journey at around 8pm and we got back to our cars at 12.45am  0_o
I don't know about the others, but I have successfully caught a cold the next day and my legs are sore !
But it is all worth it ^_^

Here are some pictures that was taken during the night, still missing some projections, so have to return before the festival ends on 20th June !

St.Mary's Cathedral 

Hyde Park Barracks Museum

Palace Garden Cafe & Hot Chocolate - bliss on a freezing night...ahhh.....=^_^=

Sydney Conservatorium of Music

Sydney Opera House

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  1. It's a shame all of the dishes you had at Nakashima weren't up to scratch. I really need to brave the cold and get out myself and see Vivid. LOVE the Conservatorium of Music images!

  2. hi john,

    Yeah, i was dissapointed *sob*, I hope this was just one off thing.
    You must must must brave the cold !! They are just stunning, especially the cathedral and the conservatorium of music ones ^_^