Saturday, 19 June 2010

Forbes & Burton, Darlinghurst

So what's at the corner of Forbes and Burton Streets in Darlinghurst ?

Forbes & Burton of course !! ( What a lame question -____- ha.ha.ha).
Lame joke aside, we actually wanted to go to The Commons which is also on Burton Street.
But somehow we couldn't find it ( later on we we drove thru the street again and realized we passed it ! It was closed anyway :P) and while driving aimlessly on Burton Street, spotted Forbes & Burton.
I vaguely remember reading a good review of this place, since we are hungry and caffeine depraved, might as well try out this place :)

Just S & P grinder and bowl

Hot Chocolate & Coffee

I think Bill's famous hot chocolate has a rival, enter Forbes & Burton's hot chocolate !! 
Similar concept, use real chocolate and then pour hot milk into the glass. I had a taste and it was very good indeed.
The cross cocoa dusting on top is quite cute too :) They use Fair Trade Organic coffee beans here, and the coffee is great ! 

Benedict Loco with Smoked Salmon

A.k.a. eggs benedict with smoked salmon on a sourdough toast resting on a bed of baby spinach. 
Doesn't the eggs looked like eye balls ? LOL
The eggs are perfectly poached, my friend commented however that the the toast is too tough.
Luckily the egg yolks and the hollandaise sauce have soaked the bread a little so it was still edible.

Scrambled Egg with Toasts and a side of Grilled Mushroom

My other friend is not so lucky with her tough toasts, since what she has on her plate is all dry, there is nothing to soften the bread with :(
But the scrambled eggs were good and the mushroom are very sweet and juicy.

Potato Cake Under Poached Eggs w/ Oak Smoked Salmon & A Pash of Onion Jam

I ordered this per the waitress recommendation as they don't have the croque madame I wanted that day. 
Imagine mash potato with herbs , pan guuuudddd ^_^
I liked the smoked salmon and the onion jam, can't really taste the oak aroma, but is still good nonetheless.
It may looked tiny but it is quite filling.

But....that doesn't mean I'm passing on dessert ! \^o^/
Dessert for brunch is the best !!

Chocolate Brownie with Raspberry Sauce & Fresh Whipped Cream

Look at that whipped cream.....*sigh*
May not be as "whippy" but it is a perfect accompaniment to the warm brownie.
The brownie itself is perfect, moist inside with a crispy top, the raspberry sauce balanced out the sweetness.
Once you get to the centre and you will find some melted milk chocolate pieces....*sigh* 
I do need the extra calorie to battle the cold winter ahead...*nod*nod*

:P   ;  Brownie innard

I'm glad we got lost and stumbled upon Forbes & Burton !
I would pop by again for sure, even just for a quick one for the desserts since they are available all day long !! 

Outside seating area ; Organic Fair Trade Coffee only !

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  1. This place sounds like my kinda eatery. I love signs and it looks Old Sydney Town like. I will have to keep this place in mind the next time I'm in that part of town.

  2. My gosh that Benedict Loco looks unbelievable! I will definitely have to check this place out, thanks so much for the review!!

  3. Amy : it is definitely worth a visit, glad I stumbled upon this place :)

    Maria : try the brownie too when you are there, and go loco !