Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Chez Lulu, Bondi Junction

June for me is a month full of birthday celebrations - 4 in the family and 1 friend !! 
So that's almost one birthday to celebrate every week *phew*

The first one up is my cousin's in the first week of June. We usually do a combined birthday celebrations  for the 4 of us, so this is just a small breakfast for the birthday girl as she is craving for some crepes :)

Originally she wanted to go to Le Grand Cafe by Becasse @ Alliance Francaise as she had crepes there before and loved it !
Unfortunately, upon checking the menu on the web, the crepe is not on the menu anymore.
So I suggested Chez Lulu, since this is the only crepe cafe I know around Sydney :P

A beautiful picture of Le Mont Saint-Michel in Brittany, France

Kitchen & Cashier  ;  Menu  ;  Table Decoration  ;  Wall Decoration

Chez Lulu is located just outside the Westfield Bondi Junction area, next to the smaller Apple Store (there are 2 Apple stores there) and right where the bus stop is. 
It's a small cafe with the kitchen - crepe making area - in front of the cafe, so you can see all the crepe making action right there. 

Flat White & Iced Coffee 

The iced coffee apparently tasted real good, especially the sweetened cream mountain on top. 

Parisienne Galette 

Chez Lulu's galettes (savoury crepes) are made with buckwheat flour and served with a side of salad. 
My Parisienne galette is filled with egg, cheese, sliced turkey, tomato, avocado & cranberry sauce.
Do not underestimate this thin crepe, although it looked small and thin, the fillings are really rich and you are quite full by the time the plate is polished off  (bye bye sweet crepes...next time ..I shall be back !).
The combination of creamy, sweet and saltiness of the flavours works well :)

Savoyarde Galette

My aunt ordered the Savoyarde, it's an open crepe topped with egg, Raclette cheese, prosciutto, asparagus and cornichons. 
You can smell this crepe from a mile away wooo hooooo >___<;
The Raclette cheese smell is very strong and the prosciutto didn't help  LOL
I can't stand cheese with strong aroma & taste so perhaps I was a bit biased here ahahahahaha....
Obviously I didn't try it, but I'm actually quite surprised that they used canned asparagus. Fresh green ones would be better I think. According to my aunt, the toppings themselves are too salty, but it's okay when eaten together with the crepe and salad.

Mont St.Michel Galette

The caviar definitely made this crepe looked posh ! It's filled with egg, cheese, smoked salmon, sour cream, capers and caviar.
It looked good :)

Sweet Crepe - Chocolate, Strawberry & Ice Cream

Well, minus the ice cream today :P
My 3 yrs old nephew is probably the only kid that doesn't like ice cream ! Even the waiter was surprised and has to reconfirmed that he doesn't want the ice cream. His answer was a firm NO.^o^.
He simply doesn't like to eat anything soft and mushy in texture, and ice cream is one of them.

Birthday Friands for the Birthday Girl

The real birthday cake has to wait until the combined birthdays celebration, so we got some friands from Chez Lulu instead :)
Happy 19th Birthday Cella !! \^o^/

The mysterious empty cup

As we were seated at this table earlier, empty cups were brought over and set down in front of us. 
Throughout the meal, the cups remained empty...which we found very odd and just couldn't figure out what is it for ( an impromptu brainstorming session across the table hahahahaaa...).
And we can't stand the mystery any longer and just have to get some explanation from the waiter ! 

Here goes the explanation : the galettes originated from Britanny in the north-west of France. 
It is called crepes in the western part of Britanny, so crepe = galettes. Galettes are traditionally made with buckwheat flour, so Chez Lulu is truly sticking to the original recipe. 
The galettes are meant to be consumed with a cup of cider, hence the cups (with Britanny flags) were placed on our table - mystery solved !!
The waiter apologetically mentioned that he was going to ask whether we'd like cider with our galettes in the beginning, but he got sidetracked since we all start ordering coffees LOL

We are taking note for future visits to have cider with our galettes , no coffee !!
The cider is not listed anywhere on the menu, so make sure you ask for one from them ^_^

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  1. Somehow, I've only just stumbled upon this - and have been hunting fruitlessly (until now!) for a creperie / galetterie in Sydney (since the one at Five Ways went, a long time ago). Yay! Now I no longer have to wait until I get to Roule Galette in Melbourne for another one - thanks so much for sharing :)

  2. hope you'll find this up to your expectation :) I've never been Roule Gallette, though I've heard their crepes are amazing.