Friday, 25 June 2010

The Dynasty, Belmore

For some reason, my birthday friend chose this place that is so far away from where all of us lived -___-;
Not surprising we got a little lost getting there as none of us in our car has been to this side of town before.

Sign in for yum cha

The Canterbury RSL Club is an amazing place ! It has a tropical feel to it, the water fountains, the palm trees and the wooden engraving around the perimeter.
It felt like we are in Bali or something hahahahaah....
I couldn't believe I forgot to take photo of any of it !!

As we entered the club, we were approached by the club guide and he asked whether we are a member or guest.
Me : "Guest :)"
Club guy : " Where do you live?"
Me : *panic* "Err...Pyrmont ?"
Club guy : "Please sign in on the book"

Club guy...please don't freak me out like that...why can't you just tell us to sign in straight away ?!?!

After that stressing short episode, I need to replenish my energy :D

Dumplings Galore

The usual siu mai (pork & prawn mince, shiitake, fish roe), gau choi gau (shrimp & chive), har gau (shrimp), and the last idea what is the name, but it's a combination of chicken, prawn and topped with sweet corn kernels.

The Miscellaneous

What we have leong (deep fried chinese doughnut wrapped in rice noodle), char siu bao (bbq pork buns), phai kuat (pork ribs), pan fried pork dumplings.

The Sweet Stuffs

Jin deui (deep fried glutinous sesame balls), custard buns, mango pudding with heaps of evaporated milk, and my must have tou fu fa (bean curd with syrup).
The tou fu fa here is especially bigger than usual....probably at least half size bigger than the usual size we have other yum cha places.

The yum cha was delicious, but I think I'll stick to my local ones like Zilver or East Ocean for yum cha :P

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  1. Looks like dumpling heaven! Yummo!

  2. It takes me 30min to get here but it's worth it for the ambiance. You just don't get that at all the other hustle and bustle yum cha places

  3. hi Nathan : it is so much more "peaceful" than your regular yum cha place :)