Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Gumshara & Crepe-Ya San, Chinatown

Tonkotsu Ramen with Pork Ribs & Extra Soft Boiled Egg

After reading Grab Your Forks and A Table For Two's twitter updates....I cannot delay a visit to Gumshara any longer !!
So one friday night after work, arranged to meet up with a couple of friends at the Eating World foodcourt in Chinatown.

We were praying that we can still get the special 20 bowls only Tonkotsu Ramen with Pork Ribs *mumble*mumble*
Our prayers are answered !! All 3 of us managed to get a bowl each of the specials \^o^/
Can't resist adding the extra soft boiled egg too on the side.

At Gumshara, you can request your soup to be more or less thick, more or less salty as well.
I had mine to be less thick and I'm glad I did, otherwise I won't be able to eat it as it would be too rich and creamy for me.
My friends on the other hand, had the tonkotsu as is, I had a taste of their soup and I'm sticking with my thinner version ^_^

At the counter, there is a few containers of  beni shoga - red pickled ginger , pickled garlic and sesame seed that you can topped your ramen with.  I topped mine with heaps of beni shoga to balance out the richness of the soup.

And the verdict ? Is this the best Tonkotsu Ramen in Sydney ?


It sure is !!!! I have never cleaned up a bowl of ramen like this, so that is proof that it is indeed very good.
The pork ribs is very very good, tender and is fried crispy on the outside. I wish they don't serve it with the bone though, because I was eating it with great difficulty.
Between trying to hold it with chopsticks, avoiding it falling into the soup from a great height, and gnawing the meat off the bone -___-;
It was tough job indeed, when I lift up my head from the bowl, the girl sitting across on the other table is staring at me LOL
I'm pretty sure I was gnawing at the ribs like a cave woman ROFL 
My friends were lucky, their ribs has no bone on it, so they can eat like a girl like I should be !!

Since it was Friday night, the Chinatown Night Market is on as well - DANGER DANGER !!!
Because... I spotted this on the way to the food court 

Japanese Crepes !!

Japanese crepes in chinatown ?!! Wotttt !!
So even though my tummy is bursting after the ramen....no matter what I must have a crepe ! I'll just allocate it to my secondary (imaginary) dessert dedicated stomach..

Crepe-Ya San Japanese Crepes

It's the same stall that sells the Hontou pancakes, next to the stall that sells Colotako Takoyaki & Okonomiyaki.  The Japanese corner as I named it , hehehee :P

I ordered the Mix Fruit Crepe with Green Tea Ice Cream and Chocolate Sauce.
They have 3 choices of ice cream : green tea, vanilla and strawberry , and also 3 choices of sauces : chocolate, strawberry and mango.

Crepes in the making

While I waited for my crepe, my friend couldn't resist the hontou pancake anymore LOL

Cheese Hontou Pancake

Number 10 !!

That's my number !!

Crepe crepe crepe !!

I should have asked it to be on a plate instead of a cone like this for a couple of reason.
Reason 1 : It's ugly - if on a plate, they would plate it like it is on the plastic sample on displays.
Reason 2 : It's messy, the paper is not the proper crepe paper so it was soaked with sauces and ice cream within 2 minutes ! 
Lucky I got my Keep Cup handy in my bag so I can plonked it in to avoid the imminent disaster.
It may not be as nice as the one in Japan , but it is enough to satisfy my crepe addiction ^_^

Conclusion, Gumshara tonkotsu ramen is the best in Sydney, but perhaps best not to go there on Friday night when the market is on or risk to over eat as there are so many temptations along the way.

Gumshara Ramen on Urbanspoon

Crepe-Ya San Japanese Crepes
Chinatown Friday Night Market
(Hontou Pancakes Stall, next to Colotako)


  1. mata ikimashouuuuu :D:D:D!?!?
    i read an article about their tonkotsu and apparently they let it cook (boil/simmer? dunno) for so many hoursss

  2. mmm gumshara is so freaking awesome during winter! and yes gotta have a softboiled egg!

  3. Oh! I haven't seen Japanese pancakes since I was in Japan! Very exciting. Are the night markets on every friday night? I'll be sure to heed your advice and get mine on a plate :D

  4. cella : ikimashou !! itsuu ? yeah..they boil it for hours and hours....so good...

    suze : totally !! ^o^

    Katie : I know, I was so excited myself when I spotted it heheheh :P
    It's on every friday night I think , unless when it's raining :)

  5. anytime after thursday, then i will be FREEEEEEEEE myohohohohoho

  6. hahahahaha, I am laughing when u said about the girl staring at u... I had the ramen there once and its super thick (sharing with another friend is just perfect). I have been wanted to try the rib but still thinking cuz it is quite pricey for $14 or15? but for sure i will have it with the thinner version as urs :D

  7. Ja : LOL It was soo embarassing !! It's worth the $15 for the ribs, it's really good. Just pray and hope you don't get one with bones like mine hahahah