Thursday, 17 June 2010

The Winery by Gazebo, Surry Hills - Another Birthday Lunch

The 3rd lunch in a row for my birthday this year ! Another year older and looks like another dress size up for me >__<
So I picked The Winery by Gazebo in Surry Hills, since it looked real pretty from the inside :)

A bunch of Tiger Lilies from my friends ; Plastic rose in an empty wine bottle

The inside of The Winery is as amazing as it looked from the outside, love the chairs and the decors. 
Too bad they use plastic flowers everywhere though, it's a tad tacky hehehee...
Upstairs lounge is much more cosy and is probably perfect for a lazy weekend catch-up with friends.
According to my friends who have been here at night time, it's much better during day time as it gets crowded and very noisy at night. 

Funky chairs ; Birds upside down on the ceiling ; View of the kitchen ; The Garden Room

Jug of Rose Sangria ; Menu

Ordered a jug of rose sangria for the table, of course I didn't had any of it :P
But it does look yummy and refreshing with the strawberries and lemons in it....

Veal & Chorizo Sausage Roll with a Chunky Pear Tomato Jam

We ordered an entree to share as we know the main would be quite a generous portion.
There are 4 thick slices of sausage rolls on the board and served with the sweet chunky pear tomato jam.
The veal & chorizo filling is very moist and tasty with flaky buttery pastry.
A fancy twist on a good old sausage roll !

Barramundi fillets fried in a light beer batter, mushy peas, fries & tartare 

I spotted these empty wire mesh basket on the kitchen counter and I know I must order this ! Simply for the novelty value, I'm such a sucker for things like that :P
And as I expected, it tasted just like any other fish & chips dish. The chips were quite soggy and the bottle of vinegar is, I think, is diluted. Because no matter how much I sprinkle the chips with it, I still can't taste the vinegar.  So I just resort to dipping it with the tartare sauce. The fish itself was a tad dry as well.

I didn't get to taste the other dishes, so I'll just post some pictures of them :)

Angel hair pasta with Alaskan crab, bisque, snowpeas, tomato & crispy shallots 

This pasta dish apparently is one of the best dishes here at The Winery, there are big chunks of Alaskan crab meat pieces and it does looked rich.

'Steak Frites' Grilled sirloin, café de Paris & fries of course 

Caramelized pumpkin & chestnut cannelloni, sauteed silverbeet & burnt butter 

Grilled chicken & salt roasted romas salad, soft herb dressing, kipfler crisps

Mussels tossed in a white wine sauce, forest mushrooms & spec 

Then it's time for some desserts time !

Affogato with Frangelico

Pouring in the whole glass of Frangelico in one go !!

Our style 'Banoffie pie' Banana, caramel mousse & shaved chocolate

Okay....this is definitely not the Banoffie Pie that I'm expecting it to be, I supposed that's why it's named "our style banoffie pie".
To put it in one line, it's a banoffie "pie" in a glass (like trifle) minus the pie crust.
It's like eating a glass of caramel mousse.

Granny Smith crumble in a walnut pastry cup, vanilla bean ice cream

This is very good ! The pastry cup is crispy and the tartness of the apple cuts back the sweetness of the crème anglaise and ice cream. 

Upside down pineapple tart, balsamic caramel & a scoop of coconut ice cream 

The pastry was nicely caramelized and crisp, however the pineapple is caramelized way to far it is bitter. I ended up moving the pineapple aside and just polished off the pastry and ice cream.

Overall, there are some hits and some misses with the food here, but the dining companions and atmosphere of the restaurant made up for it.

Thank you guys for the lovely lunch, pretty flowers and the Accoutrement voucher \^o^/

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  1. heh heh stretch out your bday meals as long as you can i say! shame the fish and chips didnt turn out good but the sausage rolls look awesome!

  2. true true...must stretch out my pants too !!

  3. ehhh where's my eye fillet??? it's not thereee hahahah