Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Garden Brasserie, Neutral Bay (2nd Visit) For Birthday Lunch

I'm back at Garden Brasserie in Neutral Bay sooner than I thought I would :)
I picked this place for birthday lunch with family and friends on a sunny Saturday.

Some of the dishes we ordered are the same as what I've reviewed on my first visit here, so I shall skip the familiars and just post the new ones.

Refreshing Lemon & Lime Bitters on a warm winter day.

Complimentary Sourdough and Soy & Linseed Breads w/ Honey Dijon Mustard Vinaigrette

The vinaigrette is sweet with strong aroma of olive oil, it's nice to have something different to dip our bread in. 
I'm not sure if the bread were baked in house but they are definitely fresh :)

We ordered a few of the Something to Share platters to start us with while we wait for the others to arrive.
Please excuse the shadowy photos, the sun was shining so bright behind the object @___@ 

Vegetable Board

The vegetable board that I didn't get to try on my first visit !!
The marinated char grilled vegetables (zucchini, asparagus, capsicum, eggplant) are really good. The baked ricotta is very creamy but light. The toasted bread is super crispy too.
I'm glad I ordered this again this time :)

Charcuterie Board 

I didn't get to try this as I'm not a big fan of cold cut meats :) But the others said it was good. What we have here on this board is some prosciutto, sopressa, air dried wagyu, olives, horseradish & grissini .
On hindsight, I should have tried that air dried wagyu , it looked interesting...all black like that...hmmm....

Seafood Board

If you want to have just one of the shared board, this is the one to order.
Everything on this board dissapear in a flash ! The rock oysters is very fresh with shallots and Jerez vinegar, even my aunty who is quite fussy with her oysters dressings is raving about it.
The Hiramasa kingfish carpaccio is served on a bed of shaved fennel, radish, coriander and apple citrus vinaigrette. I love this one very much :D
The chili salt calamari is still as amazing as it was the first time round and the sugar cured ocean trout was delicious as well.
The ocean trout does not have the fishy oily smell like you'd sometimes get in smoked salmon, this one has clean taste. 

The amazing Hiramasa Kingfish Carpaccio

And now, onto the mains :

Crumbed King George Whiting Fillets with Tartare Sauce & Polenta Chips

Roast Berskhire Pork Cutlet w/ Pomme Puree & Apples with Calvados

This is the dish for lovers of pork belly. As you can see, almost half of it is fat LOL
It was too rich for me so I cut off the fatty layer and passed it on to my cousin :P
Had a taste of it first of course, the fatty layer is creamy and the skin is very very crispy *crunch*crunch*.
The leaner part of the pork in juicy and full of flavours, not to mention the very creamy pomme puree and the tartness of the apple and the sweetness of the Calvados.

Nothing beats the surprise Dark Chocolate Tart to end the lovely lunch !! My auntie has thankfully picked the right dessert by random LOL 

My nephew who loves blowing off birthday candles ...any candles will do actually, even tealights at times.

Another satisfying meal at Garden Brasserie \^o^/
Hope this place keeps up with their yummy foods and friendly service as it truly is a place worth returning to again and again, for lunch or dinner.

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  1. soy and linseed bread... everywhere in sydney, they serve this ya? is it the trend?

  2. cieh pake filter ya the last photo? looks good :D!

  3. cella : yaa...using the cross process effect on Picnik !