Friday, 18 June 2010

Sakae, Sydney CBD

Met up with a friend in the city after she did some late night shopping and decided to have some Japanese, and since we are too lazy to walk to far, Sakae it is :D

Geso Karaage

My friend was actually pointing at the picture of chicken karaage, but i misunderstood and ordered the wrong thing :P
Ordering the wrong things seems to become a trend (after the Ryotei incident), old age T___T
Geso karaage is basically calamari tentacles karaage, it is surprisingly quite tender and anything deep fried is good ^_^

BBQ Calamari

The must order item everytime we dined here, you can have an option of teriyaki sauce or ginger soy sauce as we have here.
This BBQ Calamari never fails us so far, it is tender and fresh :)
Never tried it with teriyaki sauce, so not sure if that would be any different.

Sashimi Salad

Again, you have an option of two dressings with this, either the tobanjan (spicy broad bean paste) or the wasabi based dressing.
I should have ordered it with the later, my lips were burning and I was sweating eating this >___<;
Either my tolerance to chili has decreased (stupid allergy!!) or they have just made it more spicy than usual. Phewww ..... it was hot allright !!
What I love about this salad is the abundance of chopped sashimi in it, you got salmon, kingfish and tuna.
You actually got equal amount of salad to sashimi ratio :D

Deluxe Sashimi

I have no idea what happen tonight, we seemed to be ordering very similar items : 2 calamari dishes and now with this sashimi platter, makes it 2 sashimi dishes LOL
There are 22 pieces of sashimi in the deluxe platter and they are again very fresh !
Love the scampi and scallop, they are so sweettt.

Sakae is good for a quick and easy Japanese food, nothing fancy here. Once in a while, they have special seasonal dishes, I think it was yakiniku this winter. 
They also have a branch in Eastwood and a Yakiniku House also in Eastwood.

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  1. ooh ive never had calamari karaage before! seems to be a higher batter ratio mmm batter

  2. Ooooh those crispy tentacles look divine!

  3. suze : agree....mmmm batter......dipped in mayo will be better..mmmm...mayoooo....

    john : should try them out if you have a chance :D