Sunday, 6 June 2010

Cafe XXII , Pyrmont

This used to be the place to go for brunch for me on weekends, but since there are so many new cafes opening up and to try out, I haven't been here for a while now.
The last time I visited here, the portion size has shrunk while the price remained the same, let's see if they have improved since :)

Menu Board ; Brunch Menu 

Their dinner menu changes as the seasons changes , so you can be sure you are going to be eating what is best at the time.
In saying that, there are two Cafe XXII Signature dishes that will forever be on the menu, Calamari XXII and Lasagna Al Forno - I can vouch for those two, they are delicious ! Especially the calamari.

Caffeine to start the day

The cafe is always packed on the weekends and luckily there is a table for the 3 of us.
I noticed a couple of new dishes on the menu, so of course I'm set to try the new ones :)

Croissant w/ Butter

My friend just got a croissant with butter, you can also have them with your choice from a variety of Hank's Jams.

(The Wrong) XXII Big Breakfast

My other friend ordered the XXII Big Breakfast which ( according to their menu on the website ) is meant to be 2 free range organic eggs on toast, oven roasted tomato, mushrooms, spinach, hash brown and marinated feta.
However, as you can see from the picture, I think she got the wrong one and too hungry to notice it LOL
I didn't notice as well until I'm writing up this post :P
She's missing the spinach and feta, but gained bacon and sausages....I suppose it's a bonus that they got the order wrong ? Hahahahahaha ^o^
With the eggs, you can have it scrambled, poach or fried.

Brioche Crunch French Toast w/ Marinated Strawberries & Mascarpone

The new dish on the menu, and I loved it !! It's a thick slice of brioche toast, topped with cornflakes and drizzled with honey. When I saw the tiny dollop of mascarpone, I was thinking "What !! This is not gonna be enough!" LOL
But it is just enough to spread on the last bite of the toast :) I wish there would be more strawberries though.
My friend who had this on her last visit said there were much more strawberries back then, so looks like the portion size still varies, which is a pity as their food are really good.

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  1. Wow. I want to try the brioche french toast with crunchy cornflakes. the ultimate brekkie for moi!

  2. That French toast looks great! I've only been here once for dinner and thoroughly enjoyed the meal

  3. zomg that french toast is calling to me!

  4. amy : should try it, hopefully you get more strawberries with your toast ^_^

    john : their dinner hasn't dissapoint me , did you had their XXII Calamari ?

    suze : the french toast is waiting for you !!